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Unstoppable iPad 4 Repair in Johor Bahru (JB)

images (8)The iPad 4 has been a great excitement to Apple admirers all over the world. The iPad 4 with its potent functionality and simple attractiveness is one gadget that very few would be able to resist. The new A6X dual core processor provided alongside the PowerVR SGX 554 quad-core graphics processing unit (GPU), count on better multitasking and unparalleled graphics.

On the other hand, like all man-made items, ultimately damages will happen and the iPad 4 is not ruled out. Do tak

Let your iPad 4 be pampered with sensitive hands by our crew of pioneer Apple professionals. They have got the skill to determine the specific problem in a short time. A good combo indeed if you ask me. Owing to our very efficient technical specialists, iMalaysian dot com has been able to establish a record of the fastest turnover period amongst identical companies in the nation.

The overall process of registering your device, evaluating, repairing, finalizing and eventually handing it back to its owner will take between 4 to 8 hours only. Clients are highly respected.

1029_10151271722716370_1848765756_n only utilize high quality original replacement parts. The high quality of restoration and replacement components is what we works hard to provide, as a result it makes certain that every spare part it uses in their repairs is absolutely authentic. We only utilize original Apple parts because it is more trusted and definitely lasts far longer than a third-party component.

A default post-restoration warranty of 90-days that the organization gives is included with every restoration and component changed. If your iPad 4’s problem continues, bring it back to us for more analysis or get a total refund from us if we are unable to fix your unit’s trouble!

We manage to provide you with our finest while being eco-friendly. We promote working with the ecosystem and not against it. Rather than using pen and paper, all the company’s business dealings and information is entered in our computers. Invoices are only e-mail generated and directed to our clients.

If your iPad 4 comes up with some technical troubles, do visit us and we will see to it that it is returned to you operating as though it has been newly acquired.


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